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Advances in technology have made many new experiences possible. Virtual and Augmented reality technology – hardware and software, allow us to create engaging and compelling new experiences. 


Health practitioners have realised that this provides us with new therapeutic possibilities. There are already companies working to provide virtual reality scenarios to provide phobic people with compellingly realistic engagement with feared events.


Other companies provide deeply engaging experiences that allow burns victims to distract from pain, another company is leveraging VR experiences to increase engagement with physiotherapy exercises, others to try and reduce paranoia in schizophrenics.

At Neurotechnology we weave together Psychological theory and Technological possibility

Neurotechnology while seeing the value of using the technology to augment current modalities of treatment is pursuing a completely different modality of VR therapy.

Our model involves the development of a completely new way of experiencing the self, and a new model of therapy. We envisage unlocking an entire new set of possibilities  for therapy and human Neuroplastic change. We aim to use this technology to bridge gaps in human functioning. We are already well advanced in developing our devices and models and we will be starting treatment trials shortly. We call it the “transducer”. You can call it ‘the future of psychology’.

Instacalm VR

Transformative Mindfulness & Relaxation Therapy

What is Instacalm VR

Instacalm is our suite of VRelaxation products.

The ‘lake house’ transports you immediately from the hustle bustle of the city or the turmoil of the traffic or your home to an idyllic and peaceful country location. An experience only possible with VR.

Our relaxation narration seamlessly leads you through the experience deepening your relaxation as you go letting go of stress on the way.

The experience has been designed as a virtual guided imagery experience by our psychologists to give you a much quicker and deeper relaxation immersion than many cognitive mindfulness events.

The people behind Neurotechnology

Founders & Partners



Cpsychol MAPS AfBPsS 

A Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of experience, he has practised in Sydney as the CEO of the Centre of Applied Psychology since 1992. He is the founder and CEO of Uplift Psychological Services which was founded in 2007.

42 Interactive


A world class team of professionals in the digital, mobile and immersive technology space. We design, develop and deliver digital ecosystems, experiential projects in VR and AR. 




A bulk billing provider of psychological services, it operates in three locations, employs over 25 psychologists and provides services to approximately 400 people per week.

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we have completed some single case studies with some success on subjects with chronic pain – and we are ready to go the next step. If you are interested, let us know.

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