Mirror Box Therapy was first documented for the treatment of phantom pain in 1996. Patients are placed in front of a mirror in such a way as to be able to perceive themselves as able bodied. They are then asked to observe the reflected limb, while being asked to engage in bilateral movements (see picture). […]
Bed of roses
Pain ON Pain OFF – Controlling, Persistent Pain. Finally we begin to reveal the secret… Our body possesses a wonderful natural system of dealing with pain. We all know this and we always have. Everyone has a story, or knows a story of a time when someone sustained an injury, but felt no pain at […]
treat the pain not the injury
  Axiom 1 of CognitiVR for persistent pain is - treat the pain NOT the injury. Properly understood, this is a massive and revolutionary shift. Almost all pain has its origins in acute nociceptive pain, mostly (not always) precipitated by a trauma, an accident, surgery or an illness. The co-existence of the trauma may be […]
persistent pain
Persistent pain, pain that last for more than three months or lasts beyond the resolution of the physical issue that caused it, is a massive problem worldwide. Millions of people have received medication, had surgery, tried many other treatments - electronic stimulation, different oils etc. - but the pain still persists. Some might describe this […]
Albert Einstien developed some of his most famous ideas through thought experiments. A very famous one goes something like this.....Imagine there was a train that could travel at the speed of light, and imagine you were a passenger on the train and ...... or imagine you were on the platform watching that train .......the results […]
The principles of neuroplasticity are deceptively simple but incredibly complex. You dear reader, are invited to overcome your observer bias and try and read this with the mindset of 'the uncarved block'; read - don't judge - and think. This is the first of a series of articles. They are separated to help build a […]