What is the Tranceducer™ and CognitiVR™?

The Tranceducer™ is a medical device consisting of hardware and software. The Tranceducer™ is a ‘virtual mirror box’. This device allows for a real time experience of the self and the ‘mirror self’ in an XR environment. It also allows for visual representation of both physical experience and biological reality. This representation is very detailed and the participant is able to experience ‘themselves’ at a muscular, nervous system and skeletal level. This provides people with a completely different experience of themselves, and can unlock great neuroplastic potential.

The VR/AR environment thus allows us to create a virtual embodiment experience that participants can deeply identify with as themselves; this ‘self’ can simultaneously engage in a therapy context physically, visually and psychologically. This leverages the power of immersive, visual experience together with tactile and motor engagement.

This multisensory tool facilitates neuroplastic engagement and learning using COGNITIVR™. CognitiVR™ is a therapeutic method that uses common psychological principles, educational strategies and neuroplastic theory to engage with the client in the VR environment to generate lasting neuroplastic learning and change. CognitiVR™ is designed around the capacities of the Tranceducer(TM).  We have carried out four single case studies to trial the product and further develop the therapy protocols. The results have been excellent.

How Does it Work

The Tranceducer™ and CognitiVR™ use a number of different processes such as mirror neurons, and the descending pain modulation system to manage pain. The Tranceducer™ leverages on what we know about VR neuroplasticity and the brain to generate a completely new method and pathway of dealing with people and their experiences of themselves and the world. 

CognitiVR™ is a therapy that utilises what we know about the human psyche and human behaviour and uses this knowledge through engaging with people in a real time XR environment. 

VR is currently being successfully used in pain management and physiotherapy. Our treatment uses and extends these principles to a new level. The treatment modality is subject to copyright and the device itself is patent pending. The theory and therapy is complex. Contact us if you wish to know more.  

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