Our Vision

Helping people live in a pain-free world

Neurotechnology is pursuing a completely novel and unique, scientifically-based modality of Virtual Reality therapy. Our model involves the development of a totally new way of experiencing the self and a new model of therapy.

We envisage unlocking an entire new set of possibilities for therapy and human neuroplastic change. We aim to use this technology to bridge gaps in human functioning.

Our device is developed and patented, it has been registered with the TGA and our training modules and CognitiVR™ pain management system perfected.

We call it the Tranceducer™.

You can call it ‘The Future of Medicine’.

Mission Statement

Affordable pain management

Medication-free pain management

Pain management at home

Scientifically Proven

Our company, products and services are based on scientific research. Our patented device is based on the cutting edge of our knowledge of pain.

These are our white paper, patents and certification:

Some of our research sources:


Wilfred Lax

A Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of experience, Wilfred has practised in Sydney as the CEO of the Centre of Applied Psychology since 1992. He is the founder and CEO of Uplift Psychological Services which was established in 2007.

42 Interactive

42 Interactive

A world class team of professionals in the digital, mobile and immersive technology space, we design, develop and deliver digital ecosystems and experiential projects in VR and AR.