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We manage people’s pain more effectively

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Chronic pain affects thousands of Australians, many of whom have tried numerous surgical and chemical options unsuccessfully.

One in five Australians (of all ages) suffers from pain One in three Australians over the age of 65 suffers from pain.

Innovate Pain Clinic aims to help pain sufferers manage their pain effectively, in a drug free and surgery free way.

We use the Tranceducer™ and CognitiVR™, our patented TGA-registered Virtual Reality technology, methodology and services.

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Our Methodology and Services



Everybody has a different pain story and a different diagnosis – we need to understand your pain journey, the exact nature of your injury, your previous treatments and what has worked and what has failed.

We explore the current status of your condition, your diagnosis and your health beliefs. In this assessment, we begin our therapeutic journey together and start to introduce the process of neuroplastic learning and understand the changes that pain has created in your brain and body.

We are not a one size fits all treatment. We tailor your treatment to your pain, and your story.



This 12 module training program teaches you how to understand and manage your pain and your healing journey. It also teaches you the skills you need to change your pain experience using a neuroplastic perspective.

We help you unlearn your old, unhelpful view of your pain and learn what science now knows about pain and the body. The modules include   

Understanding pain – what science knows.

In this module we look at the current medical understanding of pain in terms of the current dominant (physical) model of pain – and how current treatment models have shaped your pain experience. We will also spend some time on the origins of your pain and how you learned what it was and what you think it is.


Understanding pain – neuroplastic and behavioural learning models.

Here we introduce some different ways of looking at and understanding pain and the development of chronic pain using the principles of neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity what it is – what is COGNITIVR™.

We introduce and demonstrate a new way of thinking about pain and its treatment

Understanding my pain – my neuroplastic diagnosis.

We spend some time developing your picture of your pain 

The medical model – idiopathic medicine   

My pain models my beliefs what I think I know about my pain now.

How Neuroplasticity can help me – what I have to do.

Relaxing the body retraining the mind.

Neuroplastic exercise

A new understanding of 'exercise' to activate neuroplasticity.

Introducing The Tranceducer™ and CognitiVR™.

Virtual reality, Neuroplasticity, the mirror box, rubber limbs, phantom limbs, graded motor imagery, Pavlov and pain, pain and PTSD, immersion and analgesia. 



Our patented Tranceducer and CognitiVR treatment is designed to harness neuroplasticity to help manage your pain. The Tranceducer(TM) is an immersive device. In this phase we spend multiple 1/2 hour sessions over three weeks in the Tranceducer(TM).

Each session we immerse you in a multi modal virtual reality environment, generate VR embodiment and retrain your body’s pain response. Immersion in a virtual reality environment induces pain relief we leverage this to treat your pain.


On-going Support

We are always available for top-up or one-off sessions or for brief treatments if a new pain at a different site emerges or pain flares up.


Recently we have been interviewed by Beyond the Medicine Cabinet as a part of their podcast series.

We have a couple of our initial clinical trials clients who were also interviewed and shared their review of the program.

Rebate and Claims

CognitiVR™ and the Tranceducer™ are eligible for a Medicare rebate,

this is dependent on the client obtaining a MHCP and sessions available*

The treatment is also eligible for use in CTP and workers compensation claims,

subject to the Insurer deeming that it is reasonable and necessary. *

Treatments can also be funded under the NDIS subject to the correct paperwork being accepted. *

Private Medical Funds may also fund the treatment to some extent. *

*Due to the complexity of the system and the individual each case will be different and we make no offer in this regard,

each alternative will need to be discussed with your referring doctor, and funding organisation

Fees will be discussed during your free assessment.

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