We weave together psychological theory and technological possibility.

Our Patented Product

Tranceducer™ and CognitiVR™

The Tranceducer™ is a medical device that allows for a real time experience of the self and the ‘mirror self’ in an XR environment. CognitiVR™ is a therapeutic method that uses common psychological principles, educational strategies and neuroplastic theory to engage with the client in the VR environment to generate lasting neuroplastic learning and change.


Our Clinic

Innovate Pain Clinic Logo

We are currently in the process of opening up our first clinic (Innovate Pain Clinic) after we received our Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) registration. Soon you can book a time with us to receive chronic pain management service.

Stay tuned for the clinic location, contact us if you're interested and let us know your location

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With the clinic opening up soon, let us know if you are interested.