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InstacalmVR is our suite of VRelaxation products. We will take you on five unique VR training journeys. Each journey will take you further on a path of relaxation training and a deeper and deeper relaxation state. Using the techniques of mindful breathing. The experience has been designed as a virtual guided imagery experience to give you a deep relaxation.

Our relaxation narration seamlessly leads you through the experience deepening your relaxation as you let go of you’re stress. The experience has been designed as a virtual guided imagery experience by our psychologists to give you a much quicker and deeper relaxation immersion than other cognitive mindfulness events.

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Instacalm VR

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Sky Garden Content Expansion

Instacalm VR - Skygarden

Sky Garden is our content expansion for Instacalm VR.

Meditative states are states of greater creativity and allow us to engage and utilise our unconscious mind – the stronger part of our mind to achieve our life goals.

The sky garden is our place of peace and meditation in the sky, it builds on the basic relaxation skills developed in instacalm VR and uses iconic symbolism to help explore and unlock the unconscious mind.

The VR relaxation ball helps orient and settle the player and begin the meditative process.

The pond of reflection is a tranquil place to explore what lies beneath our surface.

The place of perspective a place to explore how we think and approach the world.

The tree of stability explores and develops our solid core and strength.

The sky garden itself is a symbolic engagement with growth and actualisation an exploration of your potential.

The experience is tranquil with time for reflection empty spaces to fill with your own energy.