and CognitiVR™

A medical device & therapeutic method


Virtual Reality headsets allow people to bring created realities into their real life experience. The Tranceducer™ device (patented) uses cutting edge technology to present a therapeutic environment to treat chronic pain.

The Tranceducer™ is a virtual mirror box that allows the subject to experience their own virtual body as a ‘real body’ that they both inhabit and see in a mirror. VR embodiment implies that the person cannot tell the difference between the virtual body and their own body. Therapeutic intervention in the virtual environment translates to change in the brain's experience and activity.

CognitiVR™ uses everything that we currently know about pain and it's treatment and tailors the VR experience for maximum therapeutic advantage.

We start with our full day training.

We then introduce individualised therapeutic VR experiences. The client is led through this experience by a trained professional . Treatment takes place every other day over three weeks.

The aim of the treatment is firstly to induce pain relief

using the Tranceducer™ and then completely retrain the person’s pain response using CognitiVR™.

The Innovate Pain Clinic is now open in Edgecliff NSW.

We are accepting referrals for our comprehensive pain management system.

If you are interested in a free 15 minute screening please contact us.


Our Pain Model

neuro vr technology

What makes our pain model different? We understand pain using Neuroplastic Theory. Neuroplasticity is the idea that our brains and nervous systems are capable of continuous change throughout our lives.

So if we took a picture of any one of our brains and nervous systems today, it would look a certain way. If we then took up the piano or running until we were good at it and took a picture then, we would find those parts of the brain devoted to piano or running were ‘larger’ and the brain’s capacity to operate the fingers or the leg muscles would be ‘stronger’.

Similarly if we took a picture of your brain before you had pain, it would look a certain way. After experiencing pain for a long time, the parts of the brain responsible for experiencing the pain both in the brain and in the body, would be bigger, more sensitive and more reactive. (Your brain and your body would become 'expert' in pain.)  Conversely if you stopped running or playing the piano, the skill would disappear and the brain would return to it’s prior state. The same would occur with pain. This opens up for us, the possibility of retraining the brain. This is where the Tranceducer ™ fits in.

It is scientifically well established that Virtual Reality (just being in a VR environment) has an analgesic effect. VR technology is currently being used when people are having procedures, giving birth etc. The Tranceducer™ and CognitiVR™ leverage the power of VR to retrain the brain and body.

There is NO current model for the successful treatment of

pain. If the cause of the pain is known, there can be a physical intervention. All other

strategies simply manage pain. Most interventions are invasive (surgery), costly

(ongoing therapy) or transient (drugs) and have limited success. The

Tranceducer™ and CognitivVR™ together offer to solve a problem currently

without solution. Chronic pain of all forms can be resolved or reduced using

this neuroplasticity-based methodology. It is a completely novel and disruptive

approach. It is non-surgical, non-invasive and does not use drugs.

The Problem of Pain

Scientific Papers

Our company, products and services are founded based on scientific research and application.

These are our white paper, patents and certification:

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